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And here I am in the local paper! (again)

Well, you can read the whole article here,  but here are the parts that quote me:

"Rabbi Michael Unterberg, the Jewish history department chair at Fuchs Mizrachi School, met with Kepley and the cast to serve as an expert and tutor in all things Judaic.

Unterberg’s discussions with the cast ranged from the practical – how to wear tzitzit and what it feels like to “shuckle” while praying – to the spiritual. The cast and Unterberg had in-depth discussions on the influence of Jewish mysticism on Chasidism and how those beliefs amplify Asher’s parents’ pain at his leaving the fold.

Unterberg also raised the issue of “tensions with Christianity in the shadow of the Holocaust,” he says. He felt it was essential for the actors “to understand how a Jewish parent would view a cross or crucifix, the pain, what that symbolism would mean to Eastern European immigrants.”

The experience of working on the production “was really enriching for me,” he adds, noting the actors craved knowledge of details about Chasidic life that didn’t directly figure into the script just so they would have a fuller sense of who their characters are.

“It’s interesting to see how actors study,” Unterberg says. “Chasidim have this view that every life is a spark. Actors share that value – appreciating other cultures. It was cool.”

Kepley looks forward to “Asher Lev’s” three high-school student matinee performances. While the majority of schools attending these shows are religious schools, there’s only one Jewish school among them: Unterberg is bringing a group of 90 teens from Fuchs Mizrachi. Kepley’s past experiences with student matinees leads her to anticipate “great discussions afterwards” with teen audiences of different faiths.

Unterberg says he almost balked at bringing his students to the “Asher Lev” matinee, as the regular evening productions will contain nudity. The student matinees, he was quickly assured, would not.

“For me and my school, we’d have been in the same position as Asher” had the matinees contained nudity, Unterberg observes. “We want to experience culture, but we also want to uphold Modern Orthodox traditions.”

When you search for my name on the Cleveland Jewish News website, you get several other article about or mentioning me. Below are most of the results. You can click to see those articles too. 

Not so bad for some kid from Brooklyn, I guess.

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