Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Brush with Greatness 1.5

What? You don't listen to the Judge John Hodgman podcast? Well then not only are you missing out on a really fun and clever comedian at work, but you will also miss the Unterberg episode.

Yeah, that's right. Minor television celebrity and former computer pitchman John Hodgman has agreed to help me and Avigayil resolve a long running dispute. And then publish the whole conversation on the internet. And so once again, the Unterbergs will have a brush with fame!

I'll make sure to post it here when it airs. (or casts... or pods... or whatever) In the meantime, I'll whet your appetite with the letter that Avigayil sent the show. The show's producer called us today, and told us that we can present our case before the judge over the next two weeks.

Here's the application she sent:

Argument: between a father (Michael) and daughter (Avigayil): Should a father have the right to force his daughter to watch a classic movie, that even if she does not like it, it does have merit and should be seen. It should be noted, that there are good odds that she will like it.

Daughter: Plaintiff: Avigayil: I am an eleventh grader in high school and I think that my father should not be allowed to dictate what movies I must watch. I give him the full right to forbid me from watching movies, and even to suggest movies that he thinks I might like. But for him to ask me to stay home on a saturday night to watch a movie that I do not want to watch, instead of going out with friends or doing homework, it taking it too far.
PS My father would like for bailiff Jesse to stop using the word “myself” incorrectly (i.e. “the show is produced by myself”)
PPS Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, my father gave me permission send this email

examples of movies I have been forced to watch and did not like:
The Magnificent Seven
The African Queen

examples of movies that I have been forced to watch and did like:
The Untouchables
Duck Soup (Marx Brothers)

examples of movies I have yet to watch that are being saved on Tivo:
Boys From Brazil
A Few Good Men

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