Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Brush With Greatness:

First of all, if you're not listening to Jill Sobule's music, you're really missing out. What are you waiting for? You can feel free to learn more about her on her website, her wiki or amazon page.
But this is not my point. Last year she blogged about feeling bad for forgetting that it was Yom Kippur. I remembered about it this year, and sent her a facebook message to remind her. Well, Jill is such a nice, down-to-earth person, that she sent me a thank you response. How cool is that? But wait, there's more!

Dara and I went to see her show in Pittsburgh last night. It was terrific and well worth the drive. (True, we sat in a section surrounded by lesbian couples. While this was not our usual crowd, we shmoozed and had a great time getting to know a lovely couple)

Jill hangs out after the show to sign autographs, take pictures and such. When she saw us, we had the following conversation:

Jill: Oh, hi!
Mike: Hi, Jill! We're here from Cleveland! Great show!
Jill: Thanks! Oh, and I love your website!
Dara and Mike: uh... what?
Jill: Well, when you reminded me about Yom Kippur, I searched around to see who you were. (I spend way too much time on the internets) I saw you have a bunch of videos, and I watched that one where you spoof the Office.
Dara and Mike: uh... wait. What?
Jill: Yeah, it was funny. It must be great to go to a school where the teachers can be so goofy around the kids. It seems like such a nice place.
Mike: (stunned silence – mouth open like a moron)
Dara: Oh my gosh! Forget his day, you just made his life!

There was a bit more shmoozing, she signed our ticket and we took a picture. I told her it made me sad when she called herself a bad Jew last year, and she shouldn’t say that. But how cool is it that Jill Sobule watched our dumb Mizrachi Purim video?

This morning I sent her another message on Facebook:

"Sorry your evening ended so crummy last night after Pittsburgh. (She wrote on Facebook that her hotel had bedbugs, so they had to find another one) We had the best time.

By the way, I think that you represent the best parts of what it is to be Jewish. Your empathy and sense of social justice, (the stuff Woody Guthrie liked about Judaism) as well as your wit, intelligence and sense of humor. (um, I guess that's the Arlo Guthrie part? Nah, maybe Tom Lehrer)

Anyway, my colleagues are freaking out that you liked our video. Its one of my top two brushes with greatness! (and I once got a bear hug from Richie Havens!)

Thanks again, Jill! Great show!"
Appendix: The rest of the story:   Jill and her Mom respond.
Jill Sobule October 14 at 6:50pm Reply Report
Tom Lehrer? I love him! You guys are so sweet and too cute. And from now on I will consider myself a very good Jew.

xo, jill 
Dara Unterberg October 14 at 8:45pm Reply Report
i agree with michael! we enjoy your music so much! you know, we can probably arrange for you to have a cameo in our next video! :) 
Michael Naftali Unterberg October 15 at 9:02am
Yay! You go, Jill

    • Elaine Dillon I am so glad you are a fan of Jills. A little religion would not hurt either one of us. Elaine, Jills mom

    • Michael Naftali Unterberg Thanks, Elaine! And we could all use a lot more music!
      5 hours ago ·

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