Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't forget, September is coming...

"Hamas and Fatah have signed a unity pact. They have agreed to hate the Jews together." - Stephen Colbert

Well the news of a Fatah/Hamas reconciliation sure makes life look complicated. Ultimately, it may just be another successful part of the broader Fayad unilateral Statehood plan. Which, of course, has the possibility overall to cause a tectonic shift in the entire conflict. 

It doesn't seem that the Netanyahu government has any idea what to do with or about it. Their entire strategy seems based on stalling and maintaining status quo. By September, the status quo may be history. The Israeli government seems steps behind, as the Palestinians seem to have taken the opportunity to not miss an opportunity. And even if the US vetoes the unilateral declaration of statehood in September, will that really matter? The GA will almost certainly recognize it. Then what? The two sides negotiate the resolution of outstanding issues based on what was left over at the Taba summit? What happens to Jews living all along the Jordan river? Take a look at the map, it couldn't be more complicated. 

Why isn't everyone talking about the looming declaration of a Palestinian state by the UN? It doesn't really matter what your political opinion is, or how you think things should do in the future. If you care about Israel and its future, this is the big story to pay attention to.

Its probably a game changer.

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