Friday, May 25, 2012

I made the big Times! Top spot on TOI!

1) Mea Culpa: First of all, I feel really guilty that I didn't mention in my second blog post that Dara told me those Rav Medan insights.

2) Mea Kvela: I know that the topic was a serious one, but I am so happy and honored to be today's featured blog on the Times of Israel! They posted a catchy title, even added pictures and tinkered with some of my transliteration! Really cool and flattering.

The featured spot (right above Neil Lazarus) 

They added a nice Rut pic...

And this captioned photo of refugees!

Best of all, because I was the lead feature of the day, my little post appears right under David Horovitz's on the side bar:

Look, I call for stuff!!!

I don't mean to distract from the serious point of the piece, but on a purely personal level, I'm jazzed!

Chag Sameach!


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